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上海东方梦工厂:Turkey LED market will reach 344 million

          From foreign media reports recently learned that the market research firm Research and Markets released on the 2015-2015 Turkey LED market promotion factors, opportunities, trends and forecast reports, from 2016 to 2022, the Turkish LED market is expected to be 15.6% annual compound growth rate, by 2022, the market size will reach 344 million US dollars.
LED market analysis report is mainly based on the main application areas of products - lighting, display and backlight, mobile devices, signs and billboards and other products. Lighting is further divided into indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, the product is divided into bulbs, street lamps and spotlights. In the Turkish market, the market for LED signage and billboards is expected to have the highest growth rate.
Turkey decided to develop LED products, intellectual property, LED lighting as an alternative to reduce energy consumption, which greatly contributed to the development of the Turkish LED lighting market. With the government to coordinate and increase the use of LED wick, other LED products also began to grow rapidly in the country. Due to government investment in outdoor lighting replacement, the penetration rate of LED lighting in the forecast period will increase exponentially, replacing the traditional halogen lamps and incandescent lamps in rural areas.
Prohibition of the use of halogen lamps in Turkey also exports to Turkey manufacturing and exporting LED lighting products to the European manufacturers to provide some opportunities, some Turkish manufacturers, such as AtilAydinlatma have already begun to export LED lighting products to European countries.
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