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789汽车梦工厂:Analysis of Foreign Trade Situation in

          2016 is about to pass, the situation of China's foreign trade situation of concern. Market is like a hangman, continue to harvest one after another of the products, seemingly simple export market actually hidden "mystery." Today, more and more intense competition in the deep, China has reached a crossroads of lighting enterprises, not only face the lack of core technologies, product competitiveness is not high and other old problems, but also facing orders tend to decrease, sharp decline in profits, the cost of high No less and other new problems. Good days no longer, the enterprise must be thinking on the internationalization, in order to "Besieged City" outside looking for the next golden age.
The war ignited, external demand is still inadequate
Looking at the global economic situation in the first half of 2016, the total export value of the lighting industry was US $ 17.65 billion, basically flat with the same period of 2014, down 14.1% compared with the same period of last year. With the deepening of the "all the way along" policy, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa is still the main battlefield foreign trade enterprises, 2016-2018 global LED lighting market is expected to stabilize, some alternative light source has been replaced Completed, the market growth rate stabilized at about 20%.
In all exports, the traditional export of electric light source products continue to decline, including compact fluorescent lamp exports compared to the same period last year dropped by 20%, 28% decline in export value, other types of fluorescent lamp exports fell less than 7%. Ordinary lighting with the export of incandescent products with almost the same period last year, no significant decline. Although the export volume of halogen lamps 13.6% growth, but the amount of exports has declined by 5%, product profits decreased significantly.
Lighting products sector, exports also fell significantly, which can shift the amount of lamp exports fell more than 40%, fixed lamp exports fell more than 15% of the amount. From the export quantity to see 94054090 under the tax number to various types of LED lighting products export 10% growth, but the export value does not rise, which also fully reflects the LED lighting products profit space is further squeezed.
2, the lack of core technology, 70% of the high-end technology dependent on foreign imports; 3, the labor productivity (1), low-end LED products in the low-end products, cost-effective to win the low profit margins of the OEM form to participate in Europe and the United States market; Compared with the developed countries lagging behind, only the equivalent of the United States 1/12, Japan 1/11, or even less than India; 4, due to its own industrial development is not mature, and rapid growth in demand, the local market supply can not be given in time.
Trade segmentation, lighting exports contrarian and on
Before the United States and Japan and Europe and other countries squeeze, after the emerging countries in Southeast Asia to catch up, there are labor costs caused by rising profits pressure, outside the economic downturn brought about by market export pressures. In the case of internal and external circumstances, the current global LED industry has shown the following characteristics: First, LED lighting application market segmentation; Second, the global high-brightness LED industry scale growth slowed; Third, the international LED giant mergers and acquisitions spin- Constantly. In the first three quarters of 2016, China's imports and exports totaled $ 2.68 trillion in US dollars, down 7.8 percent, according to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. The first three quarters, China's traditional market trade differentiation. Sino-US bilateral trade fell 3.3%, its exports fell 1.9%; with the EU, Japan bilateral trade increased by 2.7% and 2.9%, respectively, its exports increased by 1.8% and 0.5%; bilateral trade with ASEAN fell 0.8% Exports fell 1.9 percent.
The first three quarters, China on the part of "all the way along" relevant countries to maintain good export growth. Among them, exports to Pakistan, Russia, Poland, Bangladesh and India increased by 14.9%, 14%, 11.7%, 9.6% and 7.8% respectively. India and Russia accounted for China's exports accounted for 2.9% and 1.8%, respectively, over the same period in 2015 expanded by 0.3 percentage points. With the continuous expansion of the LED industry, its related services (wholesale and retail, logistics, finance, business services, scientific research and technical services, etc.) significantly, will drive its rapid growth.
Adjust the structure, deepen the industrial chain to adapt to the "new normal"
China's position in the global industrial chain in long-term value-added low, weak innovation, irrational structure of the industrial chain in the end, in the lighting industry plays the role of processing, assembly-based majority. Some people even ridicule the industry, export business is just a strong body, "Tigers." At present, the global LED high-end product market and the core patent technology has been monopolized by Philips, Career, OSRAM, Nichia, Toyota and other enterprises, corporate patent awareness, certification has become a "threshold" to enter foreign markets.
First of all, companies need to pay attention to avoid risks, for overseas markets, national laws are different, we must understand the legal limitations of individual countries and the legal proceedings to submit the required documents and procedures; Secondly, to strengthen independent core technology innovation; , Improve the LED integrated standardization system, develop industry standards and improve the detection system, improve patent awareness. Moreover, in the key technology and core technology should also increase the R & D mechanism, to strive for more profits, it is necessary to develop their own brands, from OEM to brand change.
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