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炫舞梦工厂100房间门票:Street lighting facilities management should follow the pace of urban development

          District street lamp is an important urban infrastructure, which brings to the residents living and working convenience, to protect the public night trip security, while beautifying the city, giving the United States to enjoy, to some extent directly reflects the construction of the city's civilization level .
In recent years, with the city's rapid economic development, urban population greatly increased, the sharp increase in the number of cars, urban street construction management has lagged significantly behind the urban development, urban lighting requirements of residents and the existing lack of street lighting facilities Of the contradictions gradually emerge.
Such a phenomenon CPPCC members Yan Zuotin suggested that the West West Road, South Riverside Road and other parts of the lighting facilities are not complete the road should replace the higher brightness of the street. At the same time, the department of gardening should also affect the lighting of the sections of trees in time to trim, to ensure the normal lighting and pedestrian traffic safety. In addition, in order to protect the environment, energy conservation, universal "green lighting", for the city street lighting energy-saving measures, the proposed installation of LED solar street light, solar LED street light to the energy for the daytime charging night use, safe and energy-saving pollution. Yan Zuotin also said that now the city's main road width is wider, more consideration to the use of the arms or single-arm lights, but in the middle of the night after the scarcity of vehicles can be appropriate to reduce the quality of lighting requirements. At the same time, many of the three plate-type road structure, lighting design is usually considered a fast, slow lane and sidewalk lighting. In the early morning, the slow lane, non-motorized lanes and sidewalks of the pedestrian traffic a small number of requirements of the lighting is not high. For these cases, the use of night light and midnight light lighting mode of operation, a reasonable turn off part of the street lighting, can achieve better energy saving effect.
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