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渲梦工厂下载:LED imports of things networking, intelligent street lights to save 70% of electricity

China Taiwan street lights due to the large number of difficult to calculate the power consumption of individual, electricity and more use of monthly system, the traditional single street lamp fixed monthly payment principle of 200 yuan (NT, the same), Internet of Things (IoT) technology and LED lamps, not only Significantly reduce the power consumption, leaving the power to use data back, with how much to pay the number of traditional street lights by 70% of electricity.
Calculate about 13 million street lamps in Taipei City. If it is still a traditional street lamp, the monthly electricity bill will have to pay $ 26 million. If the LED intelligent lighting system is used, the city will be able to pay the electricity according to the actual electricity consumption. Limit, a single monthly electricity bill can be reduced by 18.2 million yuan.
China Taiwan Philips Lighting Company Marketing Manager Du Li said that energy conservation is no longer limited use of electricity to reduce, but how to manage the wisdom of information collection, Internet of things to open a large wave of data analysis, each street can be immediately back through the wireless network Information, government units more effective management, not only save electricity while improving administrative efficiency.
Duli example, the current Taiwan, China's most common street lamp failure return, must wait for the public to inform the relevant units, government agencies will send staff to repair, but in the wisdom of street lights, once the street lights immediately abnormal, can immediately repair to reduce the risk of accidents, And the use of data analysis, allowing electricity to control more accurate.
Regardless of government agencies or private companies, are hoping to rely on large data analysis, more sensitive control management; China Taiwan Philips Lighting Company General Manager Xu Yongtao said, intelligent street light system can automatically detect and report abnormal signals, control light intensity, Data, making power saving easier.
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